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MapX Pollutants

To support countries manage baseline data, carry out risk assessments, prioritize sites, monitor compliance and report on progress under Stockholm and Minamata conventions. MapX platform ( is used as underlying spatial data infrastructure.

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MapX UNEP WildLife

To support countries in making use of global biodiversity indicator methodologies and available spatial data, and in reporting progress on meeting the Aichi Biodiversity Targets in their 6th National Report (6NR) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Main activities include consolidation of the MapX platform ( and improvement of user experience to enable more efficient access to biodiversity data layers. MapX platform will also be aligned with geospatial data and metadata international standards in order to enable interoperability of MapX with other platforms and to increase the access to biodiversity datasets.

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World Environment Situation Room (prototype)

This project was mandated by the United Nations Environment Programme and aimed at providing a prototype for a geospatial on-line platform for monitoring the status of the world environment. This prototype was featuring the themes of pollution as well as disaster risk. It was developed for the conference UNEA-3 in Nairobi for presenting the concept of such platform.

The “World Environment Situation Room” as a prototype, is a geospatial data platform powered by the MapX software developed by UNEP/GRID-Geneva. It allows users to visualize, interrogate and access data related to various environmental topics. As a prototype, two topics were selected: pollution and disaster risk. The pollution topic features air, marine, water and terrestrial pollution from various causes (agriculture, industry, transport). The one on disaster risk includes geospatial data related to natural hazards, human and economic exposure to these hazards, past events footprints as well as risk evaluation as modelled. The platform also allows to display story maps, which includes data along with text, photo, graphs or movies. Story maps are easing the interpretation of data and provide compelling stories on the themes.

A Data platform has been generated and integrated into UN Environment Website:

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ESPON Bridge

The project name is ESPON BRIDGES: Balanced regional development in areas with geographical specificities. GRID-Geneva is fully involved in the Work Package 4: it approaches the areas with geographical specificities from the perspective of their physical environment, natural resources, energy. It demonstrates in what respect the interface between human activities and the physical environment is different in TGS, and explores how multi-level governance framework can help to address this.

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The project aims at demonstrating the feasibility and generality of the concept of Essential Variables (EVs) across the Nexus of GEOSS Societal Benefit Areas (SBAs).

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MapX Haiti - Enabling and using geospatial data sets and MAP-X for UN Environment Haiti Sustainable Energy Programme

To support environmental information management and access to information related to sustainable energy in Haiti, the geospatial platform MAP-X Haiti will be created and populated with useful geospatial data sets. Capacity building activities will allow the Haiti country team to efficiently use MAP-X for their Sustainable Energy Programme.

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MapX POPS - Proof-of-concept for the development of MAPX platform dedicated to PCB management

Proof-of-concept for the development of MAPX POPS platform for answering the needs of the projects "Regional Approach to Environmentally Sound Management of PCB Liquid Wastes and Transformers and Capacitors Containing PCBs in West Africa” and “Capacity Strengthening and Technical Assistance for the Implementation of Stockholm Convention National Implementation Plans (NIPs) in African Least Developed Countries (LDCs) of the ECOWAS Sub region”

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MapX Somalia - Enabling environmental information management and access to water-related information for the Somalian Government

To support environmental information management and access to water-related information via the MapX platform, there is a need for gathering and preparing various data sets on Somalia in order to populate the platform with useful information. This includes information related to the Shabelle and Juba river trans-boundary catchments, information from the SWALIM database, marine environment layers and data related to catchment land cover, highlighting issues from ridge to reef, transboundary and strategic issues, hydrologic impacts of proposed revitalization of lower catchment irrigation schemes

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MapX UNDP sandbox - MapX as a support tool to inform National Biodiversity Planning and Reporting and to strengthen implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

to develop an online cloud platform that allows national teams that are engaged in biodiversity and sustainable development planning and reporting to make evidence-based decisions from the best available spatial data. The collaboration will create a spatial data ‘sandbox’ portal where partners and participants can share spatial data and build a collaborative and scalable spatial data platform based on the MapX architecture. This will support the development of national government capacity to access, understand and utilize spatial data for inclusion in the 6th National Report.

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