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Jean-Philippe RICHARD

IT Officer
GRID unit: Human and Social Issues
Office: A-106
Phone: (+41 22) 510 56 70

CV: Jean-Philippe Richard is from Geneva, Switzerland. He joined UNEP/GRID-Geneva in 1999 to develop metadatabase projects such as envirocat (former Swiss CDS) and the Alpine CDS. He has expertise in MS-Access software, Visual Basic, PHP/html and Zope applications as well as with various database system such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. Since 2010, he is part-time System Administrator of GRID-Geneva managing the various Linux and Xen virtualised servers. The other part of his time is shared between web development, database, SDI, GIS or remote sensing projects. Before joining GRID-Geneva he worked for two years in the field of Capacity Building for the Mediterranean Region on issues ranging from Environmental Communication and Awareness, Water Resources and Database and Information Systems.

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