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UNEP/GRID-Geneva at the World Economic Forum in Davos - from BIG DATA to BIG ACTIONS for the planet

Date: Jan. 28 2020

Pascal Peduzzi, the director of UNEP/GRID-Geneva presented the World Environment Situation room (WESR) during the University of Geneva’s session: From Big Data to Big Actions for the Planet”. The session was opened by statements from Yves Flückiger, the rector of University of Geneva and Inger Andersen, the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). 

Humanity is facing an unprecedented challenge: improving the lives of billions of people, while at the same time addressing the climate crisis and stopping the decline of ecosystems. Fortunately, Big Data can help informing world leaders about the best pathways to achieve sustainability. Through satellites and in-situ data, it is possible to monitor the health of our planet in near real time, enabling the assessment, prediction and information on the most relevant solutions. However, given the flurry of information channels, it is important to ensure that information is reliable. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is the authoritative entity for the World Environment, working with governments and other partners. 

Pascal Peduzzi demonstrated the plan for building the World Environment Situation Room, the future UNEP data and knowledge platform. This platform will allow world leaders to take the best decisions and hence act toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Big data, artificial intelligence and the tools of the 4th Industrial Revolution, will allow predicting risks, running scenarios, increasing transparency and accountability in the management of natural resources. They can inform markets, guide consumer choice and the political action required to counter the environmental and climate crises. WESR demonstrates how such emerging digital infrastructure can support actions with positive impacts for people, places and the planet. This session was on Thursday 23rd January 2020 at the Morosani Post Hotel, Davos, Switzerland.