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Consultation on UNEA-5 resolution 12 "Environmental Aspects of Minerals and Metals Management"

Date: May. 11 2023

On 24-25 April, the East European Countries focal point for the group in support of the UNEA-5 Resolution 12 "Environmental Aspects of Minerals and Metals Management" met in Geneva and on 27-28 April the West European Countries, plus USA and Canada met in Paris to discuss the follow up action.

Resolution 12 provides a mandate to UNEP/GRID-Geneva to strengthen scientific, technical and policy knowledge with regard to sand, and to support global policies and action regarding the environmentally sound extraction and use thereof.

UNEP/GRID-Geneva presented the current status on the issue of sand and sustainability as well as the idea to create a Global Sand Observatory.

The regional consultation on resolution 12 will continue with consultations of Latin American countries (in Chile), Asia & Pacific countries (in Thailand) and African Countries (in Senegal) as well as a global consultation held in Geneva on 7-8 September 2023. These consultations are organized to take decision for follow up action on this sector at the UNEA-6 in February 2024.