Project description

This research, carried out with a consortium of partners, on behalf of the Canton of Geneva (Switzerland), aims to identify the possibilities of the valorisation of bottom ash sand as a circular economy solution.

The aim is to identify the blockages and opportunities for the use of bottom ash sand in the Swiss market in the production of concrete and to propose solutions supported by a solid argumentation to adapt the legislation.

Sand resources are not infinite and even if they are abundant in Switzerland, access to the resource is not easy because the opening of new quarries is hardly accepted by the population. On the other hand, the incineration of waste produces materials which, according to the current law, must be disposed of in landfills. However, the free volumes of landfills are limited and the cost of storage is high.

This research investigates the possibilities of using these materials from waste incineration. Does this "bottom ash sand", after being washed and the heavy metals separated, have the characteristics to replace part of the sand in the production of concrete?