The Seine has its source on the Langres Plateau, at 471 meters altitude, in Burgundy about 30 km northwest of Dijon. Known as the river going through the French capital Paris, the Seine also flows through the city of Rouen and joins the English Channel not far from the city of Le Havre. Its name comes from a Roman goddess called Sequana who was worshipped 2000 years ago at the source of the river. This Roman name came from a Celtic word which meant “ similar to a snake”, as the Seine has the most sinuous course of all French rivers, especially between Paris and the Channel. Its main tributaries are the Aube (240 km), the Yonne (293 km), the Loing (160 km), the Essonne (90 km), the Eure (225 km), the Marne (525km), the Aisne (280 km), and the Oise (330 km) which has its source in Belgium.

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