Environmental scientific research is highly becoming data-driven and dependent on high performance computing infrastructures to process ever increasing large volume and diverse data sets. Consequently, there is a growing recognition of the need to share data, methods, algorithms, and infrastructure to make scientific research more effective, efficient, open, transparent, reproducible, accessible, and usable by different users.

However, Earth Observations (EO) Open Science is still undervalued, and different challenges remains to achieve the vision of transforming EO data into actionable knowledge by lowering the entry barrier to massive-use Big Earth Data analysis and derived information products. Currently, FAIR-compliant digital repositories cannot fully satisfy the needs of EO users, while Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) are not fully FAIR-compliant and have difficulties in handling Big Earth Data.

In response to these issues and the need to strengthen Open and Reproducible EO science, this paper presents SwissEnvEO, a Spatial Data Infrastructure complemented with digital repository capabilities to facilitate the publication of Ready to Use information products, at national scale, derived from satellite EO data available in an EO Data Cube in full compliance with FAIR principles.