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Project description

This project was mandated by the United Nations Environment Programme and aimed at providing a prototype for a geospatial on-line platform for monitoring the status of the world environment. This prototype was featuring the themes of pollution as well as disaster risk. It was developed for the conference UNEA-3 in Nairobi for presenting the concept of such platform.

The “World Environment Situation Room” as a prototype, is a geospatial data platform powered by the MapX software developed by UNEP/GRID-Geneva. It allows users to visualize, interrogate and access data related to various environmental topics. As a prototype, two topics were selected: pollution and disaster risk. The pollution topic features air, marine, water and terrestrial pollution from various causes (agriculture, industry, transport). The one on disaster risk includes geospatial data related to natural hazards, human and economic exposure to these hazards, past events footprints as well as risk evaluation as modelled. The platform also allows to display story maps, which includes data along with text, photo, graphs or movies. Story maps are easing the interpretation of data and provide compelling stories on the themes.

A Data platform has been generated and integrated into UN Environment Website: