Project description

This project aims to strengthen knowledge on the dynamics of territories. Four axes of study will be developed:

 1) the construction of a knowledge base of territorial trajectories taking into account the multidimensional evolution (spatial, demographic, environmental, economic, etc.) of the territories;
2) the enrichment of these trajectories using knowledge available in the Data Web. Web 3.0 standards will be used for the publication of trajectories according to the principles of FAIR data (easy to find, accessible, interoperable and reusable);
3) the analysis of trajectories by adapting Machine Learning methods to compare the dynamics of territories at different spatial and temporal scales; and
4) the restitution of knowledge graphs built using a visualization interface to help decision-making. All these components will be integrated into a dedicated software prototype. The cases studied of the TRACES project will be three areas in France, Switzerland and the Franco-Swiss cross-border area.