About us

The Global Resource Information Database - Geneva (GRID-Geneva), is a partnership between the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and the University of Geneva (UniGe). With a team of 20 Environment Data Scientists, GRID-Geneva's main role is to transform data into information and knowledge to support the decision making process related to environmental issues.

GRID-Geneva’s scientists can process satellite imagery using remote sensing software, create models from geospatial data using Geographical Information Systems (GIS), generate interactive maps and graphs for automatic updates.

GRID-Geneva is also specialized in the design and maintenance of data platforms for supporting UNEP (e.g. with the World Environment Situation Room), Ramsar and many other organisations and environmental conventions. GRID-Geneva’s scientists are also providing conferences, capacity building and teaching about environmental issues / solutions, or about Data Science.

The GRID-Geneva partnership brings a powerful science Policy interface: with the University of Geneva for solid science, large computation facilities and the Swiss government to advise and support policies, provides a strong support to UN Environment Programme. UNEP/GRID-Geneva is incorporated in the Big Data Branch, within the Early Warning and Assessment Division of the United Nations Environment Programme. It is also part of the One Global Partnership, which includes more than 15 centres world wide, working together to keep the environment under review and support UNEP with data processing.