Project description

The GEOSS Platform Plus (GPP or GP+) project is an ESA-led, EC H2020 co-funded contribution to the implementation of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) starting 1st January 2022 with a duration of 3 years.
GPP is aimed at evolving the European GEOSS Platform components to enable access to tailor-made information and actionable knowledge and will do so in close collaboration with different GEO partners (a.o. via the GEOSS Infrastructure Development Task Team) with a user-centric approach. GPP will focus on services to non-specialists in the domain of adaptation to extreme climatic events and to changes in climatic conditions. Drivers for this will be:

(i) the lessons-learned from the evaluation of the implementation of the EU Strategy on Adaptation to climate change (COM(2018)738)), 

(ii) the priorities identified under the European Green Deal and 

(iii) the requirements expressed by the Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change including Societal Transformation.

The project aims to fully exploit the GEOSS infrastructure and its components to the benefit of the users, to enable the connections with the data providers (including in-situ), which are relevant for the achievement of use cases, and to provide a user-friendly, up-to-date and therefore familiar environment, by making sure that the current trends in information technology are considered and exploited as necessary.

By establishing synergies with relevant initiatives in the European landscape, GPP will concur to reinforce the European participation and leadership in GEOSS.