Project description

In the context of implementing the Ecosystem Approach Roadmap adopted by the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention in 2008, the UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) system has delivered in 2017 the first ever Quality Status Report for the Mediterranean 2017 MED QSR, with support also from the EcAp MED II project. This was the first MAP assessment product based on the Ecosystem Approach and the respective MAP Ecological Objectives and IMAP Indicators; it built upon existing data and is complemented with inputs from numerous diverse sources where appropriate. It was an important and innovative development for assessing the status of the Mediterranean ecosystem and the achievement of Good Environmental Status (GES). In 2023 UNEP MAP is producing a new version of the MED QSR. In this context the MapX team is developing a series of maps intended for the MED QSR 2023 website, using the MapX Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows customizing the look-and-feel and user interaction with the maps.