RiVAMP is a methodology set up by UNEP to identify and quantify the role of ecosystems for DRR and CCA. The pilote study on the role of ecosystems for mitigating beach erosion in Negil, Jamaica is considered by many in this field as a reference. In order to disseminate the RiVAMP methodology, a training was prepared. It is based on free open-source software. The RiVAMP training was provided in Kingston at the University of West Indies in December 2011. 21 experts participated to learn how to conduct a RiVAMP analysis. This training concentrates on coastal ecosystems. UNEP is now providing free on-line access to the RiVAMP methodology (tutorial), a set of data for following the exercises, as well as free OpenSource software, allowing any GIS experts train themselves on the RiVAMP methodology and to complete all the analysis.