This first Caucasus Environment Outlook (CEO) is a regional report and the result of work by experts from four countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia. The GRID-Tbilisi office conducted overall project management, under the co-ordination and overall guidance of UNEP’s Division of Early Warning and Assessment (DEWA) ~ Europe office, and Regional Office for Europe (ROE). The major objectives of the CEO are to report on the status of the Caucasus environment, identify ongoing socio-economic “driving forces” and offer an integrated look at regional economic and environmental trends and appropriate policy measures for the last 30-year period, in order to analyse changes which have occurred since the Stockholm Conference (1972) to date. An important part of the report is the analysis of human vulnerability and insecurity vis-?-vis environment, conflicts, poverty and other factors, as well as the environmental outlook over the next 30-year period, based on three different development scenarios.