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41th UNEP/GRID-Geneva partnership Advisory Board

Date: Jul. 2 2021

The 41th UNEP/GRID-Geneva partnership Advisory Board met on 1st July. The advisory board consists of two advisors for each partner (UNEP, Swiss FOEN and UniGe), they are providing strategic guidance and advices on the role and activities of UNEP/GRID-Geneva. The UNEP/GRID-Geneva partnership was initiated in 1998 and has been constantly been renewed since then. UNEP/GRID-Geneva has grown in number of staff, budget and on the size of projects. GRID-Geneva is the UNEP centre for analytics and plays a central role in aligning UNEP with the UN Secretary General Data Strategy.

GRID-Geneva strategic plan is confirmed around 4 axes:

Two main axes are :

- Data platforms, transforming data into information, plus data sharing (this includes the World Environment Situation Room, UNEP's new data, information and knowledge platform, MapX our geospatial interactive mapping tool and many other data platforms).

- Modelling and monitoring (Big) Data processing, environmental statistics (including SDGs and MEAs indicators), geospatial data processing and modelling (GIS & remote sensing, satellite data cube, A.I. and automated big data processing).

The two other axes are:

- Emerging issues &  assessments, including foresights and the Global Sand Observatory Initiative

- Teaching and capacity building, conferences, webinars and communication