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21 Issues for the 21st Century, Results of the UNEP Foresight Process on Emerging Environmental Issues

Date: Apr. 25 2012
The UNEP Foresight process aimed at identifying and ranking the most important emerging issues related to the global environment. To inform the UN and wider international community on a timely basis about these issues and to provide input to its own work programme and that of other UN agencies. An emerging environmental issue is critical to the global environment (either positive or negative). Has a systemic or cumulative effects on global change. Is recognized critical by the scientific community, but not yet adequate attention from the policy community. Newness (new scientific knowledge, new scales of impact or accelerated rates and/or new ways to respond.) The Foresight Process canvasses experts from all around the world. The final selection and ranking was performed by a panel of 21 experts. The final results are provided in this report.