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Launch of a carbon footprint calculator for Geneva

Date: Nov. 14 2023

GRID-Geneva was mandated by the Geneva Canton, the Geneva city and 2050today to adapt and host the first cantonal carbon calculator developed by l'ADEME (Agence de la transition écologique). It was officialy launched by the President du Conseil d'Etat Mr Antonio Hodgers, the mayor of Geneva city Mr Alfonso Gomez and the director of the governmental organisation 2050today Mr Jean-Pierre Reymond during a Press Conference at Geneva Automnal Exposition.

Using the open source calculator "Nos Gestes Climat", GRID-Geneva worked in coordination with the Geneva Canton, the city of Geneva and to create a Geneva profile and host the application on the address This individual calculator allows to better understand the impacts of our actions in various domains (transport, food, heating, electricity, shopping, etc.). Once the result given, a dedicated personalized action section propose actions that could be done to lower the user carbon footprint.