Project description

This mandate is the follow-up project (phase II) of a first project mandated by the EEA (“Systematic exploration of a ‘safe operating space’ for Europe”), whose objectives were to:

a)       explore the possible allocation approaches and methods for allocating the planetary boundaries to the European level.

b)      evaluate the European performance by comparing limits, computed for the various allocation methods, with consumption-based footprints, computed with a Multi-Regional-Input-Output (MRIO) model (exiobase 3).

c)       Suggest visualization approaches for the general public and for specialists.

While the analysis in this first mandate went beyond the expected outcomes according to the contract, there remain gaps, open questions and a need for refinement.

The objective of the work under this specific mandate is to further develop the previous results in terms of consistency, completeness and clarity, in order to be used:

  • as a timely and reliable input to the upcoming SOER 2020 report,
  • as basis for a potential EEA-FOEN publication after 2019.

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